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My dear friend Michele slipped into eternity on Wednesday, February 1.   She was a remarkable woman who left a legacy of faith, determination, and love. For three years she courageously battled the ovarian cancer that eventually robbed her of …Read More

Posted by SusanJust doing my part to stop the mis-characterization that somehow McCain supporters condone racism. This incident, I’m sure, will not make the evening news. With all the talk of Obama being a unifier, what about McCain bringing Muslims …Read More

I just got my tuition bill from my community college for this upcoming fall semester, and it was $670!! And I’m only taking two classes! Buried in the bill is the customary: Development fee–$15.00 Enrollment service fee–$30.00 General fee—$110.00 Parking …Read More

What an amazing victory Tiger Woods had today. I was able to watch it live, and boy, golf just doesn’t get any better than that! I was however, rooting for the underdog, Rocco Mediate to win. He seemed so humble …Read More

This Frenchman built a miniature replica of Paris with recycled trash! My 16 year-old daughter and I are going to Paris in a few weeks. I know it sounds extravagant, but I’ve been saving for 8 years (since my first …Read More

I was just watching the third Terminator movie last night (my husband said to me “this movie…again“) and I said to myself, “gee, I wonder if they were ever going to make another Terminator movie” and bingo–here it is in …Read More

Open up for your morning conservative education pill… Has anyone bothered to notice just how much of what Obama says these days is right out of the failed Presidential play book of Jimmy Carter? The question for the rest of …Read More

He makes a brilliant, funny synopsis of what we are in store for leading up to the convention: The Democratic primary season seems to have dwindled down into a psycho remake of Driving Miss Daisy. The fading matriarch Mizz Hill’ry …Read More

How could you not love that face! This is historic, because this breed had never won in the history of the Westminster Kennel Club (which happens to be 132 years). Uno, which is the dog’s name is cute, but (in …Read More

This is absolutely ghoulish. The body parts were used in disk replacements, knee operations, dental implants and other surgical procedures performed by unsuspecting doctors across the United States and in Canada. About 10,000 people received tissue supplied by Biomedical Tissue …Read More