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Today a terrible tragedy occurred to one of our children in Africa. This is a harsh reminder of the battle we are in between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Why it’s important for us to continue …Read More

It’s difficult to get clear information on exactly what’s happening in Swaziland regarding the protests. One thing is certain, the government is dealing with these protests harshly. A state of emergency has been declared and we know from our people …Read More

Today, the Swazi people will rise up against the long regime of King Mswati III in protest against the government and this will continue for the next three days. They are demanding that the King and his cabinet step down …Read More

This just kills me. This means there are a lot more cases unreported. Please, please pray with us and send this to your friends to pray too. There's still so much work to do in Swaziland. This comes from our Country …Read More

I thought you might like to see an interview I did in Canada for Scared. Because of this interview, the book has gone to #1 in Fiction a number times on Amazon Canada.  It's a two part series.  I've been traveling …Read More

I love seeing what God is doing right now in Swaziland with our groups. Here's a few videos for you to watch. These videos are from Don who is over there right now. You can view his blog by clicking here …Read More