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On Monday I'm heading to Russia and Moldova with a few great friends: Anne Jackson, Brad Riley, Pres of Iempathize, and the photo/video guru, Simon Scionka. Why? Because we're sick of the evils forced on young girls who are being lured and kidnapped …Read More

After a long period of waiting, I can finally reveal the title of my next novel. Let me first say that we received almost 400 people who voted. Thanks you all so much! The clear winner was, "Broken." That title …Read More

This will be sickening to everyone who reads it. The terrible thing is how close it comes to home. I'm glad I just finished a book on this issue, so people can get involved and make a difference.  From MSNBC …Read More

Hey everyone! I really, really need your help. My first novel, Scared – A Novel on the Edge of the World, has hit the bookshelves. It's getting rave reviews, you can read about 33 of them by clicking HERE. The second one …Read More