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What is the most important trait of a strong leader? Vision? Decisiveness? A Good Manager? Gilbert Fairholm believes it’s spirituality and I agree with him. “Spirituality is the essence of who we are. It is about our inner self, separate …Read More

Since 2008 the economy has put a serious beat down on many governments, businesses, and non-profit (social sector) organizations in the United States and abroad. Leave it to the primal forces of greed and corruption to give a good trimming …Read More

How do we become better leaders? Real leaders? There is much to be said about you as a leader. Most books describe leadership as a ‘skill building‘ process. Read more books, practice different techniques, gain more knowledge. But that type …Read More

New Year, New Results, New Life   Every year I take some time to review the past year and focus on the next. This is the best exercise I've ever seen for turning dreams into action. Success and failure has …Read More