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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Many of you have asked what can be done to stop sex-trafficking before it begins. In a country like Moldova, there is little happening in regards to stopping sex-traffickers. We …Read More

Our team is now in Russia! I'm excited to see a different side of tackling this issue which I'll talk about in the days to come. I cannot describe how broken my heart is over what happens to orphans and …Read More

Anne Talking About What's Happening in Moldova from Tom Davis on Vimeo.

Zurich, Switzerland from Tom Davis on Vimeo. On the train to Vienna, Austria. from Tom Davis on Vimeo. Downtown Vienna! from Tom Davis on Vimeo.

On Monday I'm heading to Russia and Moldova with a few great friends: Anne Jackson, Brad Riley, Pres of Iempathize, and the photo/video guru, Simon Scionka. Why? Because we're sick of the evils forced on young girls who are being lured and kidnapped …Read More