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It was Abraham Lincoln who said (or perhaps wrote), “I’m sorry I wrote such a long letter. I did not have the time to write a short one.”  The discipline of brevity is not easily mastered. Distilling thoughts to their essence […]

Too often we hear that one of the children in our programs has died. This week, we received news that Kolya died. In a particularly moving tribute, one of his sponsors–Craig Wood–wrote about what Kolya meant to him, and how […]

By age 16, most children are forced to leave the orphanage. The vast majority struggle to adapt and survive as adults. Scared, confused, and alone, it is no wonder that these impressionable children have difficulty making the transition. In the […]

There were many things I hoped would be memorable for Matt Heard’s first trip to the Mstyora orphanage. After all, this was the first visit by a Woodmen Valley Chapel senior pastor in the entire 15 years of ministry. What […]

It’s been a whirlwind here in Russia. We had hoped to post more frequently, but have encountered a lack of internet that has made transferring videos nearly impossible. They are coming soon! As we arrived in Moscow, we spent the […]

It’s a day 15 years in the making. Woodmen Valley Chapel pioneered orphan care ministry with Children’s HopeChest. They’ve sent hundreds of members to work in the Mstyora orphanage. They’ve funded dozens of projects, piloted new programs, and expanded their […]

Russia was the place where my heart was broken for orphans. In 1997, I took my wife and eight-month-old son to run a camp for 150 orphans in the Vladimir region. I was never the same after that experience. We […]

For nearly 15 years, Woodmen Valley Chapel has supported the children of the Mstyora orphanage in Russia. One of the very first pioneering churches to get involved in orphan care ministry, they truly understand how to walk alongside local leadership […]

Two years ago, Artyom Savelyev was “returned” to Russia by his adoptive mother. Placed on a plane with a note and a one-way ticket, Artyom was sent back to Russia. Shock, anger, and outrage do not adequately describe the reactions […]

This is not your last chance to give to HopeChest. Time is not running out. You will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight. However, if you want a tax deduction for 2011, then yes, you need to give before […]