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Christian pro-life and justice groups will promote Sanctity of Human Life Month during the Life and Justice Conference on Jan. 22 in Colorado Springs. I’ll be speaking at the conference, and I urge you to join us in person or […]

It seems that everyone knows the story of one homeless man in Ohio. Ted Williams is now known as the homeless man with the golden voice. The first YouTube star of 2011, Williams is a homeless man with an amazing […]

This morning I posted on a CNN article that described a vicious attack and rape of over 150 women in a Congolese village. Based on feedback from regular blog readers and friends, it is clear that my initial post failed […]

With now over 100 comments on the post 100 Ways to Love Like Christ, we have a winner. Commenter “Regina” was selected at random to receive a free book. Regina wrote: Ways to show Jesus Christ’s love, to me, would […]

“Picture Jesus walking down the streets of Jerusalem. What kinds of things moved his heart? Where was His compassion revealed? I think we can all see where his compassion wasn’t aroused. For example, when people had turned His Father’s house […]

Since we are discussing “how” Christlike love works, I want to host an open forum to gather the BEST ideas for how to love those around us.  Building off yesterday’s post, I want everyone who reads this post to leave […]

Jesus commands us to live as love–to be “living love.” Love that breathes, walks, talks, and acts. And Jesus speaks of a particular kind of love. A love that is exhausts “self” for the betterment of “others.” I love that […]

Today I was going to continue exploring the “how to” of the love we see in Jesus’ Gospels. But instead I want to pause and re-center. To do that, I want to post the introduction to my book Red Letters: […]

A short post today as I am out the door very early on a trip. I just wanted to make some quick observations and comments and suggestions: 1. The posts criticizing Christianity and have drawn nearly 10 times the comments […]

Two words: Red Letters. In older versions of the Bible it was customary for the publisher to offset the words of Christ in a red font. This way, the reader could easily see the recorded words of Jesus. Upon reading […]