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“He has showed you, O Man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8 What does it mean to be […]

This Christmas, I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to become  fatigued.  When we are motivated to action by some severe need we stand up and do something on behalf of the extremely poor. But the next time we […]

Christian pro-life and justice groups will promote Sanctity of Human Life Month during the Life and Justice Conference on Jan. 22 in Colorado Springs. I’ll be speaking at the conference, and I urge you to join us in person or […]

Martin Luther King I Have a Dream, MLK Quotes, Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech Today we celebrate the life of one of the most famous men in history. A man who stood against the injustice of his day and […]

While doing a little Doctoral research, I’ve found a little known theologian that I’ve fallen in love with. His name is Cristoph Blumhardt (1842-1919) and he was born in Germany. His teaching influenced great minds such as Karl Barth, Dietrich […]

What happens when we are confronted with reality in way that forces us to make a decision to change? What do we do? There are two options: Ignore it and hope it goes away.  Change a decision or our behavior.  […]

File this under, “What are you thinking?” Terry Jones, a pastor of a church in Gainesville, FL made national headlines by hatching a plan to burn 200 copies of the most holy book in Islam, the Koran. Book burning evokes […]

This August, I kicked off the AWAKEN series at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs. Here is the video from that message. I gave this message in conjunction with a week-long showing of “In Their Shoes: An Orphan Experience.” Designed […]

Every one of us possess the desire to be unique, and to become more than we are today. In God’s kingdom, we sacrifice those selfish desires for God’s glory. Entering the kingdom and accepting the calling that God has placed […]

Last week, I shared a couple of posts on apologetics and atheism, which may have given some readers the wrong impression. Let me be clear: I am not an apologist. I have the utmost respect for apologetics, but it is […]