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It was Abraham Lincoln who said (or perhaps wrote), “I’m sorry I wrote such a long letter. I did not have the time to write a short one.”  The discipline of brevity is not easily mastered. Distilling thoughts to their essence […]

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh was not looking to start a school for children living in the slums of India. It wasn’t until a boy knocked at her door that her amazing journey began. First it was just one boy, then another, […]

Would you move to another neighborhood or city? Would you take a pay cut or change jobs? Would you become a missionary? Would you accept a teaching position if your classroom was a public toilet complex in an Indian slum? […]

Light is essential to life. It is the key to proper sight, to finding our way, avoiding danger, and making decisions. Light is one of the essential ingredients of photosynthesis in plants–a process that converts the energy of the sun […]

Her story started here… Tulsi is a seven-year old girl from India. Both of her parents died of tuberculosis. She lived alone for three days until her grandmother came to get her. Now, she lives with seven other relatives in […]

This Christmas, holiday sales are projected to top $465.6 billion.  Given all of the financial tumult, political gridlock, and job uncertainty, it looks as though this year Americans are going to spend a lot of money giving gifts to each […]

Next week, I will head to Wilmore, KY for the annual Ichthus Music Festival. This 3-day event takes place across several square miles of Kentucky farmland, and features dozens of Christian speakers, artists, musicians and ministries. Over 15,000 people will […]

Today I leave for India. As I was preparing to leave, I came across this little bit of travel advice, “Many Americans think they have experienced extreme heat, but even they are unprepared for the intense heat of India.”  It […]

This post comes to us from HopeChest COO Bob Mudd who is currently on the ground in India with a team of HopeChest volunteers. On the trip, he and the team met Dolsi, a 7-year-old girl with an amazing story. […]

On November 15, 2010, HopeChest launched Change Their Story–a campaign to empower our supporters to raise money from their friends and family during Christmas. Instead of buying more things, 75 families decided to join HopeChest in changing the story for […]