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Christian pro-life and justice groups will promote Sanctity of Human Life Month during the Life and Justice Conference on Jan. 22 in Colorado Springs. I’ll be speaking at the conference, and I urge you to join us in person or […]

The ongoing drama of WikiLeaks continues today with the news from WikiLeaks that a “secret U.S. grand jury” is seeking the Twitter data of Julian Assange and three other WikiLeaks supporters. After publishing the 250,000+ WikiLeaks cables, U.S. intelligence and […]

Target and Starbucks recently dropped their names from their logos. The Starbucks logo change reflects their belief that they are big enough to not need the name. They’ve transcended the need for letters–it’s so 20th century. Although many reactions to […]

Last week I posted on the Lausanne Congress being held in Cape Town, South Africa right now. My good friend Mary DeMuth gave her viewpoint in this excellent post. Mary is in Cape Town for Lausanne, and is experiencing the […]

Did you know that Orphan Sunday is November 7, 2010? On this day, churches across America will unite in worship, prayer, and action on behalf of orphaned children in the U.S. and around the world. As a member of the […]

File this under, “What are you thinking?” Terry Jones, a pastor of a church in Gainesville, FL made national headlines by hatching a plan to burn 200 copies of the most holy book in Islam, the Koran. Book burning evokes […]

There’s a great Subaru ad campaign right now with the slogan, Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.  Click the ad to see all the awesome stuff you can do with a Subaru. I am one of the many […]

A short post today as I am out the door very early on a trip. I just wanted to make some quick observations and comments and suggestions: 1. The posts criticizing Christianity and have drawn nearly 10 times the comments […]

I’ve deliberately waited to respond on this topic, as I wanted to see what would bubble out of the blogosphere after Anne Rice’s announcement that she “quit Christianity.” What Rice describes is a set of behaviors that she observes in […]

Following up on yesterday’s post, I want to dive into the topic of “the world”–a phrase that Jesus uses often in opposition to “the Kingdom of God.” Jesus talks about Kingdom values and ethics–which typically center on repentance, obedience, love, […]