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While the idea of donuts fighting poverty sounds extremely American, it’s actually the topic  Nicholas Kristof’s latest column about a family in Malawi. Kristof follows the Nasoni family’s journey through poverty to entrepreneurship. Kristof makes some interesting observations: – Although the […]

Children’s HopeChest employees create support fund for co-worker who lost house in Waldo Canyon Fire. Last week, the Waldo Canyon Fire ripped through the Mountain Shadows neighborhood of Colorado Springs, destroying at least 346 homes. One of those houses belonged […]

  Owning one of the world’s most expensive luxury cars was not enough for Carey Brown. He wanted just a little bit more out of his Ferarri Testarossa.  “I wanted it to do more,” said Brown of the 12 cylinder […]

With Mother’s Day just 2 weeks from now, there’s a mom who is selling beautiful Mother’s Day cards that will help hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. You’re going to buy a card anyway, check these out and […]

Mother’s Day is a mere three weeks away. Many of you will be looking for the perfect gift this year. And if you are, DO NOT buy anything on this list of the top 10 WORST Mother’s Day gifts. (Disclaimer: Moms, […]

While the investigation continues over the prostitution scandal involving US Secret Service agents in Colombia, there is now growing mention of the link between Colombia’s “legal” prostitution zones and sex trafficking. The first round of coverage focused mostly on the […]

Playing Mega Millions tonight? Let me say, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”  Actually, you have a much better chance of winning the Hunger Games than you do winning the Mega Millions tonight. How long are your odds? […]

Last night this came across my Twitter… @charlestlee Heart-broken by the news that the 31 North Korean refugees in China were sent back to NK. Hate injustice. Prayers go out to them. For some background, “On February 2012, 30 North Korean […]

Simple. Original. One-of-a-kind. Every Christmas gift should be as compelling as a personalized family sign from Established Signs. This Christmas, you can purchase an “Established Sign” for your family that includes your family’s name and the date it was established. Pretty simple […]

Join me in prayer this World AIDS Day, December 1, 2011. Magnificent Jesus… In this season of advent, we ponder the great mystery of how you became flesh and lived among us. You healed us with your hands. You comforted […]