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Two years ago, Artyom Savelyev was “returned” to Russia by his adoptive mother. Placed on a plane with a note and a one-way ticket, Artyom was sent back to Russia. Shock, anger, and outrage do not adequately describe the reactions […]

On October 21, I will be speaking at a special luncheon at the Together for Adoption conference in Phoenix, AZ. If you are involved in orphan ministry in any way, this is a truly valuable experience. (Keep reading to find […]

Do you ever ask yourself the question, “Am I doing enough?” I’m not talking about sheer busy-ness–but are you doing enough of what really matters? How would you know if you were? And can’t you always do a little bit […]

Over the weekend, two different adoptive families posted on the HopeChest Facebook wall about adopting children they met on HopeChest vision trips. While HopeChest is not an adoption agency, we have seen this happen time and time again. Just because we’re […]

My Crazy Friend Kari Gibson wants you to Man Up for Father’s Day (and for orphans). Kari, among other wonderful things, is a mom, wife, advocate for orphans around the world, and leader of missions trips with Visiting Orphans. She […]

Today the State Department posted an official notice confirming some of what we have heard this week–that Ethiopia was planning to cut their adoption program by 90%, approving only 5 cases per day, down from 50. The full statement is […]

No confirmed news today, but plenty of speculation. There are some indications that there is an internal conflict over what is seen as too heavy a workload. Driven by the popularity of the international adoption program, many offices are overwhelmed […]

Over the weekend I confirmed with some contacts in the adoption community that the processing of adoptions is slowing down in Ethiopia. Partners of Children’s HopeChest have been unable to process adoptions since mid-November. From what my sources are saying, […]

Christian pro-life and justice groups will promote Sanctity of Human Life Month during the Life and Justice Conference on Jan. 22 in Colorado Springs. I’ll be speaking at the conference, and I urge you to join us in person or […]

I am honored to be friends with Kiel and Carolyn Twietmeyer. This family is an inspiration! They have 13 children (you heard right) and many of their adopted kids are HIV positive. They are normal, all-American people and yet God […]