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Tonight ends ABC’s six-episode airing of Take the Money & Run. At stake is $100,000 that must be carefully hidden by the show’s contestants so that two local detectives cannot find it. The contestants must also undergo grueling questioning by …Read More

Welcome back for this fourth episode of Take the Money & Run. This week, we’re in Windy City, where partners Ron Stoczynski and Beau Nolen will attempt to stash the cash where Chicago cops Michele Wood and John Korolis can’t …Read More

Here we are in South Beach, Miami with two sisters attempting to do the $100,000 caper in broad daylight. Rebecca and Jennie Albano are a couple of attractive ladies who are sure to get noticed on the streets, money case …Read More

Yup, that guy Paul Bishop up there is someone who you don’t want to spend too much time with. He’s got a 1-0 record going into this week’s case, having successfully cracked one of last week’s weak-willed thieves. Just one …Read More

Tonight, it’s a new series! Take the Money and Run comes from the same production teams who are behind The Amazing Race and CSI and this show is like a blend of both. How does it work? A two-person team …Read More

It’s a hot summer for reality TV with several brand new shows, including Love in the Wild, Expedition Impossible, Same Name, Take the Money and Run, and Karaoke Battle USA. Also, some old favorites like Big Brother and Hell’s Kitchen …Read More