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The show begins with some highlights and surprises of the season, leading up to the final two couples, Mike & Samantha and Heather & Miles. Both of these couples have already developed a strong connection over the season and we …Read More

A new twist happens this week! Have a look at Darren’s blog in the NBC show site. The double elimination last week put a monkey wrench in the season’s planned episodes to air. So something’s got to give and here’s …Read More

Coming into this week the remaining five couples, all of whom decided to stick together last week, are Ben & Brandee, Heather & Miles, Samantha & Mike, Skip & Theresa, and Steele & Erica. The recap replays Ben’s blunder and …Read More

Welcome back to the wilds of Costa Rica, where love is in the air. And for some couples, it’s still in the air while they are on the air! Ok, catch your breath as the show begins. Six couples, all …Read More

This episode begins with the outcome of last week’s partner choices. There is some fallout from guys’ tongues loosened by a beer or two too many with talk about wishing they had different partners. Later that night, Steele and Erica …Read More

The first impression is that this show is not in the wild at all! Set in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, it looks more like what you’d find at some $250/night tropical resorts that are well beyond the means of local …Read More

It’s a hot summer for reality TV with several brand new shows, including Love in the Wild, Expedition Impossible, Same Name, Take the Money and Run, and Karaoke Battle USA. Also, some old favorites like Big Brother and Hell’s Kitchen …Read More