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Big Brother 13 finale recap, September 14, 2011 Julie begins tonight’s finale with “After ten evictions, twenty-nine competitions and seventy-five days cut off from the outside world, one house guest will walk away with a half-million dollar grand prize.” We […]

Big Brother 13 recap: Thursday, September 8, 2011 Julie Chen, dressed in a sleek all-black pantsuit opens the show tonight. What is that block thing hanging on her necklace? It looks like some kind of Chenbot remote operation device. She […]

Big Brother 13 recap, Wednesday September 7. Tonight’s show is a special eviction episode. Five House Guests remain: Rachel, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche and Adam. We get a recap of Rachel assuming power as the Head of Household with Porsche and […]

Tonight ends ABC’s six-episode airing of Take the Money & Run. At stake is $100,000 that must be carefully hidden by the show’s contestants so that two local detectives cannot find it. The contestants must also undergo grueling questioning by […]

Big Brother recap, Sunday September 4, 2011 Tonight’s show begins with a recap of the past week’s events leading to Porsche becoming Head of Household, Rachel winning the Power of Veto and Shelly’s eviction. Five House Guests remain: Rachel, Jordan, […]

Big Brother 13 recap, Thursday September 2, 2011 Julie welcomes us to tonight’s show, looking attractive a waspish form-fitting red dress. We get a recap of the recent arguments, spats, and tearfests leading up to Porsche’s opening of Pandora’s Box […]

Big Brother 13 recap, Sunday August 28, 2011 We start with a recap of events of the Double Eviction episode last Thursday. The recaps are lengthy this week, giving some insight into what happened last week. The House might be […]

After a grueling series of expeditions that has seen nine other teams fall by the wayside, we are left with four teams competing in this final stage of Expedition Impossible. They are the Gypsies, the Fab 3, the Football Players, […]

It’s time for this week’s house eviction vote and Julie Chen reminds us that the house guests have no idea that an additional guest will be sent packing “before the hour is up” in this Double Eviction episode. We get […]

Big Brother recap, August 24 2011 We’re given a quick recap of Jeff’s rise to power and its repercussions on Daniele and her alliance mates who end up on the block, Kalia and Porsche. Daniele is safe for the moment, […]