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Survivor South Pacific episode 10 recap, November 16, 2011 We begin with a beautiful shot of the Milky Way in the sky on Night 24 over Redemption Island. Ozzy and Jim are talking about what’s happening with the Te Tuna […]

Survivor South Pacific episode 9 recap, November 9, 2011 A full moon rises over the South Pacific as the merged Te Tuna tribe returns from tribal council on Night 21. Keith has been ousted after a tie vote and re-vote […]

Survivor South Pacific episode 8 recap, November 2, 2011. Welcome to the eighth episode of Survivor: South Pacific! It’s the night of Day 18 after the Savaii tribal council that saw Ozzy off to Redemption Island. The tribe’s plan is […]

Survivor South Pacific episode 7 recap, October 26, 2011. Welcome to the seventh episode of Survivor: South Pacific! It’s the night of Day 16 as the Upolu tribe marches back to camp from tribal council “and then there were six”. […]

Survivor South Pacific Episode 6 recap, Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Welcome to the sixth episode of Survivor: South Pacific! It’s the night of the 14th day and the Savaii tribe has just had tribal council that resulted in the blindside […]

Survivor South Pacific Episode 5 recap, September 12, 2011. Welcome to the fifth episode of Survivor: South Pacific! Stacey, just ousted in council, joins tribe mate Christine on Redemption Island. They both share hugs even though they will soon be […]

Survivor South Pacific Episode 4 recap, September 5, 2011. Welcome to the fourth episode of Survivor: South Pacific! In the Upolu tribe, Coach has Rick, Sophie, Brandon and Albert firmly in his alliance. Edna, on good terms with Coach, is […]

Survivor South Pacific Episode 3 recap, September 28, 2011 Welcome to the third episode of Survivor: South Pacific! Tonight’s show begins with a recap of events leading to the ouster of Semhar on Week 1 and Christina on Week 2. […]

Survivor: South Pacific recap, Wednesday September 21, 2011 Welcome to the second episode of Survivor: South Pacific! After some brief recaps of last week’s events leading to Semhar’s eviction from the Savaii tribe, we join her on Redemption Island on […]

Survivor: South Pacific premiere recap, September 14, 2011 Tonight begins with a helicopter ride over Upolu, Samoa along with Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth” and Benjamin “Coach” Wade, both seasoned two-time veterans from previous Survivor seasons. Ozzy comes from Cook Islands and […]