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Last week we heard from Bruce as he stood on the very site where he first heard God speak to him.  Tomorrow we return to the scene of the blessing to hear more of Bruce Adams’ remarkable tale.In addition, we …Read More

  Working Through the Struggle   (Editor’s note:  Last Monday Bruce wrote an article called “The Struggle.”  Today he takes up where he left off.  You didn’t think he’d leave you hanging, did you?)   Last week I wrote that …Read More

To say that living in an awakened state is a challenge would be quite an understatement.   After God told me that I was to write a spiritual book and explain the true meaning of Unconditional Love, it seemed I …Read More

By Bruce Adams Before hearing God sometime back in 1996, I believed my life was pretty much like most others in this world.  I was a father, a husband and a businessman.  Many would say I was living the American …Read More