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Thanks for stopping by. As you know, this month was not only a whirlwind but I spent it a lone practitioner. This doesn’t make for super-interesting video footage, however the month has changed my life all the same. In the …Read More

Here we are: the end of our third month of Project Conversion. March was a turbulent ride, but we are here–we made it out alive, and we are all older and wiser. Because this month began on a Tuesday, each …Read More

I enjoyed this song before the radio played it to death, however anything can rise from the ashes when watered with new meaning. The song is “Love the Way You Lie,” by Eminem and Rhianna. I rediscovered it while in the fiery …Read More

This last week is about reflection–about what we’ve learned during the last month. So much has happened. So many trials…have I passed? That was my question this morning during prayers. In studying the Gathas I picked up on how personal Zarathushtra …Read More

Ushta te, everyone, and good morning. Remember the post toward the end of last month entitled “A Gift to my Mentor“? At the conclusion of each month, my World Religions instructor asks me to present a summary of the faith I …Read More

Okay, I finally have internet back up and running. What a week! Today begins the last week of our month with the Zarathushtis and because the last few days were a little spastic in terms of blog posts, I thought …Read More

I thought I’d do something different for today’s post. Yesterday I featured the account of an American convert to the Zarathushti Faith. As you know, conversion is a hot topic within the faith and most traditionalist and even moderates consider the practice …Read More

If you’ve followed along, you saw this coming. Conversion within the Zarathushti Faith is a hotly contested issue and as we observed so far this month, not even I was able to escape its grip. In a nutshell, many (if not most) …Read More

Hey everyone. Technically, Social Issues week started yesterday, however as many of you know, my family and I just bought a house and so we are swept up in packing, moving, making repairs, and all that fun stuff. So the …Read More

The last time I celebrated New Year’s, I was chugging my last beer before the start of Project Conversion and, at the stroke of midnight, asking myself what the heck I was getting into. Little did I know what this year had …Read More