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Today (in the Northern Hemisphere) marks a time that goes by many names: Litha, Midsummer’s Eve, the Summer Solstice…and all point to the sun’s highest glory. Last year’s experience with Wicca made it exceedingly clear that I have a (to …Read More

It’s not often the religion nerd and science freak in me gets some love on the same day, but here we are. Today is a unique alignment of two events: Vesak, or Buddha Day, when many Buddhists all over the …Read More

Last night many Wiccans and Pagans alike celebrated Samhain, the last fall festival of the year when the God dies and travels to the Summerlands (thus life begins to fade from the land), and a new annual cycle begins. This …Read More

Oops, I did it again. This is when I wish I had a camera crew or producer following me around because yesterday was a once in a Project Conversion moment and– OH MY GODDESS I forgot to take pictures! So …Read More

At the beginning of the month, a few Pagans (particularly within the Wiccan community) issued me a list of hard questions. Was I willing to face discrimination for my new Wiccan personae? Could I stomach threats to take away my …Read More

Exodus 22:18 is one of the most infamous passages of scripture ever written. I’ve read several translations, slipped between the lines and context, even gone into the Torah and Talmud, and at the end of the day, it still plainly …Read More

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are brand new. Others are passed down from generation to generation. You can find a few on bookstore shelves. Others are heavily guarded secrets. I’m talking about a Wiccan or Witch’s “Book …Read More

If prayer is communication with and supplication to divine forces, magick is the independent technique of influencing the world around us with or without the assistance of a divine being. This is why  some Pagans (particularly solitary Witches) are atheistic. …Read More

Today should be interesting. We have some family friends–we’ll call them the Smiths–who have looked forward to this month for a long time. You see, Mr. Smith has a sister who’s getting married in December…to a self-proclaimed Wiccan! Scary stuff, …Read More

Last night after the kids’ soccer game, a family friend walked up to me and said, “Oh wow! You look weird not looking weird! You know, with the turban and the knife…” I suddenly felt self-conscious, as if I was …Read More