Project Conversion

The following list shows which religion I will practice and its corresponding month. Faiths in red denote those with a Mentor. If you are a member of a faith not highlighted and would be interested in becoming a Mentor, I’d love to hear from you!


Zoroastrianism/March   Judaism/April    

Buddhism/May                   Fringe/June

Latter-day Saints (Mormon)/July         Islam/August

Sikhism/September      Wicca/October    

Jainism/November      Catholicism/December

The selection process was not haphazard. Each month was chosen according to a holiday specific to its attached religion. This was difficult in many cases due to some religions adhering to a lunar calendar which changes the date of celebration annually compared to the Western Gregorian calendar. With the help of Mentors (when available), I will do my best to display the festivals/celebrations/holidays in their truest form possible.

But if I screw up a little, hey, it’s all about stepping outside of our comfort zones, learning, and sharing some laughs along the way.