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I have learned from many teachers and Mentors during Project Conversion thus far. One such teacher, Rev. Susan Ulrich, was my World Religions instructor during the 2011 Spring Semester at a local community college. She asked if she could write a guest …Read More

What are the chances that Fringe Month would actually reflect myself outside of faith? Andrew on the Fringe. I have made numerous discoveries, faced serious challenges, and I think we’ve grown stronger as a community through this month’s experiences. Thanks for hanging …Read More

For those of you who follow Project Conversion regularly, you know what the Lumber River is and why I visit. The river is my holy ground, a sanctuary, my spiritual forge… A black, winding, mirror. I’m going to the river …Read More

I love this Congregation. In fact, I love it so much that I’m considering getting t-shirts made. One of my favorite aspects of Project Conversion is how the community nourishes one another. This initiative has even motivated Congregation members like Lauren Elizabeth and Niki …Read More

Sleep wasn’t an option last night, but a gesture. You see, my daughter undergoes surgery in two hours to have her tonsils removed. I fear needles, blood, and anything hospital-related. My wife is a nurse and so even the low probability …Read More

Once upon a time, I was a storyteller. All of our religious traditions use the power of fiction and metaphor to illustrate truth. Here is a short story I wrote last year called “The Siege”. I hope it gives you …Read More

My wife, whom you all now know and love, recently joined a new church here in town. This church is what you would call “contemporary.” All this really means is that everything about the establishment–from the music, the dress code(there …Read More

The definition of a father is different for everyone. For some, he’s the guy who fixes things and protector of the home. To others, he’s master of the camping trip and killer of bedtime monsters. And to some, perhaps their …Read More

Man these posts have been heavy lately, huh? I’m always up for some intense theological weight lifting, but every once in a while, it’s good to have a laugh. Today I decided to throw up a few good-humored religious images to …Read More

I feel blasphemous just writing the title of this post, but it is June after all and this month we are occupying the fringe of religious thought. God on trial though…asking–no, demanding–the all-powerful, all-mighty creator of the universe to stand for …Read More