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It’s not often the religion nerd and science freak in me gets some love on the same day, but here we are. Today is a unique alignment of two events: Vesak, or Buddha Day, when many Buddhists all over the …Read More

Another month, another religion, another goodbye. Buddhism, you and I…it’s been real, pal. That’s the overall lesson of Buddhism, isn’t it? Learning to open ourselves up to reality free of our input and biases. Indeed, it’s hard to wash a …Read More

Here is the end-of-the-month video for my month with Buddhism. Hope you enjoy. I sure as Zen did… httpvh://

…And he is asked to leave. Just kidding! Lighten up people, it’s Friday. As many of you know, we are a homeschooling family. One of the coolest things about homeschooling is that everything becomes a lesson. If we go to a …Read More

In my community, like much of the South, one’s allegiance is judged based on two categories: where you go to church, and which sports team you support. Given my “promiscuity” with Project Conversion and the fact that I’m not a …Read More

One of my favorite aspects of Project Conversion is all the incredible people I meet during each month. Each person has a unique view or form of expression toward his or her faith, from music to art and philosophy, all of which …Read More

This is a special week for Project Conversion. Not only is this the last week for Buddhism, but also for the first half of the year. I will spend this week reflecting on both Buddhism and my experience with the …Read More

According to Christian talk radio host Harold Camping, the so-called “Rapture” is supposed to take place today at 6 P.M. within one’s own time zone. New Zealand just called. No Christians were sucked out of their cars, homes, etc. and …Read More

On January 1st of this year, I became a vegetarian. I didn’t want to abstain from meat (roasted chicken and New York Strip were my favorite), but Project Conversion began with Hinduism and therefore I had to surrender my desire …Read More

Sounds like a title from the “Self Help” section, doesn’t it? Hmm, maybe it should be… Many times here on Project Conversion, the social issues that affect the faith hit close to home. Remember when I did this: I decided …Read More