Project Conversion

In 2010 Andrew came to a fork in the road with the gas against the floor and little time: Either become militant with his current anti-theism, or bury his hatred of religion and get to know the folks behind the world of faith.

Thus, Project Conversion was born.

Andrew immersed himself as deeply as possible in the rituals, beliefs, practices, and culture of 12 distinct faith systems (one each month for all 2011) and in the process, changed his life forever.

This wasn’t an attempt to know everything about each religion, on the contrary, it was about excavating the humanity beneath the faiths. Each month was divided into four sections to enhance his focus and ensure that he didn’t suffer a theological tailspin:

Week One: Religious Practices, Worship, and Ritual

Week Two: Culture and Art

Week Three: Social Issues/Conflicts

Week Four: Personal Reflection on the Month


Although 2011 is over, the “conversion” process continues. Having discovered his personal path as an Immersionist, Andrew now focuses on the art of personal immersion into the seams and context of our common humanity, while working toward interfaith reconciliation. You can join our community here.