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Shortly before the California Democratic primary in 2008, the San Fransisco Chronicle invited me to write a short article explaining why I, chair of the interfaithNetwork of Spiritual Progressives, was supporting Barack Obama. Like most other progressive activists, I understood that a …Read More

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a video from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas entitled “Taking the Hill.”  I thought it might be a political video encouraging conservative Christians to go to Washington to lobby against …Read More

Andy Ostroy over at Huffingtonpost discovered the ‘real’ text of President Obama’s talk to students.  The White House on Monday released the text of President Barack Obama’s highly controversial speech to the nation’s school children Tuesday. As expected and feared …Read More

In this time of questioning the moral compass of the business community it is nice to see that some students have signed a self imposed a moral code for students in MBA programs.  This summer I spoke at the Chautauqua …Read More

The racism of the right is getting louder and meaner as the Presidency of Barack Obama rounds the half way mark of the first year.  Defying his racist detractors, President Obama is about to invite a white cop and a …Read More

There is a great post over on faithfuldemocrats about the unfortunately decision by Liberty University to revoke the charter for it’s college Democrats b/c the Democratic platform was unChristian.  Check it out, and then join the facebook petition to reinstate …Read More

President Obama has been in office 100 days and apparently that means that we get to evaluate him.  I don’t know when this time frame was established but 100 days doesn’t even equal a semester so it seems pretty early …Read More

William Martin is a Senior Fellow for Religion and Public Policy at the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University   First, consider the relevant facts:   The sharing of needles by injecting drug users contributes significantly …Read More

Despite media hype to the contrary, the proposed rule by the Obama administration to rescind the midnight Bush “conscience” regulation governing health care providers actually does respect the conscience and religious freedom of those in the industry who object to …Read More