Progressive Revival

Omid Safi is a University of North Carolina professor and author of Progressive Muslims.

Historic. Brilliant. Nearly Perfect. The tone of President Obama’s speech in Cairo was most reminiscent of his masterful speech on race in America:  acknowledging open wounds on all sides, while laying out a hopeful vision for a shard future.   It […]

The death toll from Gaza keeps rising like a morbid nightmare, from 150 to 300, to at last count 702 victims.     702 Palestinians killed by the Israeli military through massive bombings that have inflicted unimaginable violence upon some of the […]

Dear President Obama, There has been so much discussion in this country about what this election, your election, our election, signifies for America.   May it be that it signals the healing of our racial wounds.  Yet this is not just […]

Dear Mr. President-Elect, It is hard to believe that it has just been two weeks since your historic election.    There has been so much discussion in this country about what this election signifies, from what we hope is the beginning […]

There have been many low points in this protracted and seemingly never-ending Presidential season.   Race and gender wedge-games dominated much of the primary scene, with socioeconomic class being an equally uncomfortable and all-too-often silent factor.    Religion too has been present, […]

Religious conviction is a delicate matter.    Many of the greatest reformers this world has ever known, Christ, Moses, and Muhammad, not to mention more recent figures like Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu, all heard God’s voice, pushing them along, […]

Mahmud Darwish, the incomparable Palestinian poet and visionary, and the foremost representative of the hopes and dreams of Palestinians since Edward Said, has passed away on August 9th. When the news of Darwish’s passing came out, it was front-page news […]

The Obama Campaign, at it’s best, has not been about Obama. It’s been about a mass movement, a coming together of long time activists and newcomers, who have dared to restore hope to politics, to dream that there is a […]

The “p” word has had a tortured history with Muslims, as it does with many other religious communities. Ironically, it tends to work as a better marker to many non-Muslims of the social and political commitments of the Muslims who […]

After some major bumps along the way, there is finally a very encouraging sign in terms of the relationship between the historic Obama Presidential campaign and the six million strong American Muslim community.   The Obama campaign has had a complex […]