Progressive Revival

Sung-ok Lee is the Assistant General Secretary of the Section of Christian Social Action, Women’s Division of the United Methodist Women. For many in government and industry circles, the discussion around the topic of climate change crisis focuses on energy …Read More

Rev. Donna Schaper is the Senior Pastor at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City.     William James in his marvelous book, THE VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE, speaks of the transition from Catholicism to Protestantism as the transition …Read More

Tom Krattenmaker is a Portland, Oregon-based writer specializing in religion in public life and a member of the USA Today Board of Contributors. He is the author of the new book “Onward Christian Athletes“ examining Christian engagement with pro sports.              It’s …Read More

John Gehring is the Media Director and Senior Writer for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good As an urbanite fortunate to live within walking distance of work and trendy restaurants, I rarely drive these days. But running late to …Read More

Timothy Palmer is the Director of Communication and Outreach at the Religious Institute: Faith Voices on Sexuality and Religion People of faith will be conspicuous at the National Equality March in Washington this weekend.  I don’t remember hearing religious voices at my first March …Read More

Kate M. Ott, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of The Religious Institute: Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion   On Monday, Carolyn and Sean Savage of Sylvania, Ohio, told the national audience of the Today Show that Carolyn was implanted …Read More

John Gehring is Media Director and Senior Writer for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good Catholic progressives are not the only faithful worried about the dangers posed by some U.S. church leaders turning away from civil engagement in the …Read More

George Hunsinger teaches at Princeton Theological Seminary.  He is the Founder of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (   Since the signing of the Executive Orders in January 2009, the record of the new administration on torture has been …Read More

John Gehring is Senior Writer and Deputy Communications Director for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. As the nation mourns the loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy, there is no more fitting way to honor the legacy of this prolific …Read More

Timothy Palmer is the Director of Policy and Communication at the Religious Institute: Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion Those of us who are both openly gay and openly Christian (and happily reconciled in the two) are used to the deliberate pace …Read More