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Ed Kilgore has an extensive background in political analysis and communications and public policy at the federal and state levels, and in the Washington think tank world. He was formerly Vice President for Policy at the Democratic Leadership Council; Communications Director for U.S. Senator Sam Nunn; and a federal-state relations aide to three governors of his home state of Georgia. Kilgore has published widely in political magazines; is a frequent guest on political radio and television programs; and is a well-known blogger, especially at his former site,

He also served on the script and speechwriting team at the last five Democratic National Conventions. He holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University, and a law degree from the University of Georgia.

Like Paul, I grew up in a tradition that didn’t pay much if any attention Good Friday, or see anything terribly ironic about the adjective “Good.”  I’ve come to see that omission (and with it the implication that the crucifixion didn’t […]

As it happens, I am a huge and consistent supporter of President Barack Obama and his agenda.  I’ve spent a lot of time explaining and defending his approach to “bipartisanship,” which doesn’t have many friends, left or right, these days.  And moreover, […]

On December 19, Brian McClaren published a well-intentioned post on this site suggesting that Christians put aside all their political and cultural differences and focus on their common faith in Jesus Christ.  As it happens, I read Brian’s piece the […]

One of the the most depressing aspects of the Advent season is the perennial reappearance of the “War Against Christmas” argument in some conservative political and religious circles.  This story-line, most visibly associated with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, is based on […]

One of the most animated discussions involving faith communities that’s underway in the wake of November 4 is about abortion policy.  To put it simply, the conservative drive to take a first step towards a national abortion ban via an […]

As most politically active Americans focused on the financial system bailout legislation over the weekend, 33 Christian ministers took the occasion of Sunday sermons to defy federal tax regulations prohibiting endorsement of political candidates by churches and other tax-exempt organizations.  […]

There’s been a lot of discussion here at Beliefnet and elsewhere about the variable impact of cultural issues like abortion in the current presidential campaign.  And it’s safe to say most Democrats have concluded that Barack Obama’s prospects for victory […]

I did a post here a week ago raising a number of questions, theological and cultural, about the much higher tendency of white evangelicals to hold strong anti-abortion views, as compared to Catholics.  It took a while, but I’m glad to […]

I’m less certain than Mara Vanderslice that John McCain’s recent pattern of decrying Barack Obama’s “messianism” is a deliberate effort to label him as the Antichrist.  It’s not that I consider Team McCain incapable of “dog whistle” appeals to the Christian Right; their candidate has […]

There’s been a lot of talk in the chattering classes lately about the political impact of the two major political parties’ exact positioning on abortion policy among Catholic voters.  Michael Sean Winters argues in the New Republic, for example, that Kathleen […]