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Burns Strider, a native of Grenada County, Mississippi, served in an array of positions prior to founding TThe Eleison Group, including Senior Advisor and Director of Faith Outreach to U. S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and her campaign for President, Director of Policy for the U. S. House Democratic Caucus, Advisor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) , Director of the U. S. House Democratic Faith Working Group and Rural Working Group, regional Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Chief of Staff to U. S. Congressman Ronnie Shows (D-MS). In 2007 Strider was named one of the 12 most influential Democrats in the nation on faith and values politics and issues by Religion News Service. In the mid-90’s Burns spent two years in Hong Kong as a Missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention serving as youth minister at International Baptist Church. Strider has worked on more than 15 campaigns, managing 5 of them. He has developed communications plans used in over 35 congressional and statewide races as well as a teaching tool for the National Democratic Institute in their work with progressive political parties in foreign countries. He has been a commentator for National Public Radio and has taught and lectured at various political workshops around the nation including current stints with Camp Wellstone.

Cross Posted at   Pungent piles of Republican nay-saying to the American jobs and stimulus package are getting so deep in Washington that shovel-ready jobs are needed to shovel it all to the dump. Could this be the Republican job creation package?   […]

Bedtime Stories   Last night’s bedtime story for my two little boys was about Mother Rosa Parks. A few nights ago we read and talked about Dr. King.   On Monday morning, MLK Day, I will do what I have […]

Republicans have a problem… they don’t know who they are. Devastated The 2006 and 2008 election cycles were devastating for the GOP. They went from the Roveian-based belief that they had basically won the political war and Democrats would be […]

One of the many blessings I have been afforded over the years was the opportunity to serve and work for Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. As a white Southerner, this African American Congressman, also of the South, taught me […]

Phil Singer over at “The Marathon Blog” has broke the story that Mississippi Republicans are defrauding the system and attempting to steal the election from the voters of Mississippi. It’s simple… Mississippi’s African American communities come together and choose candidates […]

I’ve seen some misleading and terrible political ads over the years but Elizabeth Dole’s attack on her opponent, North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan, pretty much takes the wafer… and grape juice. Senator Dole is losing. What does she […]

I was emailing this evening with Jim Wallis. Its always a blessing to hear what’s on Reverend Wallis’ mind. He’s a good friend, great leader, prophetic minister and caring pastor. He mentioned a recent posting of his at God’s Politics. […]

Governor Palin and her brand of Republicanism are about to overcook my grits.   She and those who drink from the same mug have decided that you are not a real American, maybe you are even anti-American, if you either […]

Parker Griffith, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, while speaking to a Baptist association as a fellow believer, recently made one of the most patriotic and faith-infused statements a candidate can make:   “I think America’s […]

Senator Obama had a good night at Ole Miss. He dominated the opening discussion on the economy and held his own during the discussion on foreign affairs. Translation: signficant night for Senator Obama. I appreciate the fact that Senator McCain […]