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I was puzzling over the mysteries of Creation vs. Natural Selection, Old Earth vs. Young Earth, and the perceived dividing lines between faith and science and the Origin of All Things the other day when I had an epiphany . …Read More

On Thursday, northern Utah was hit by a windstorm of historic proportions. Hurricane-force winds, topping 100 miles per hour, shredded the region, toppling semi-trailer rigs, ripping away roofing and tearing trees out by their roots. I got off the train …Read More

There are many ways to experience humility, find that perfect moment when time seems to stop long enough for you to notice something simple and beautiful — and profound — about nature. A sunset. Water tumbling over rocks in a …Read More

I’ve always been a fan of serendipity, convinced that if you have your eyes, ears and heart open, God speaks through the unexpected delights that life offers . . . if we just take the step into the beckoning light …Read More

I’ve come to a seemingly contradictory conclusion: there is no faith without doubt. You cannot prove either that God exists, or that a Supreme Intelligence does not exist. Many have tried the former: Christians resorting to intellect and even mathematics …Read More

I have always loved the weather, relished feeling the elements. Ever since I was a boy, it has been that way. I’d go barefoot in the snow, stand in a downpour, huddle in a cave opening to watch sheet lightning …Read More

Thanks an infusion of $200,000 in donations, the SETI Project – the non-profit organization founded in 1985 to seek out extraterrestrial intelligence – is back on track. So, 42 radio telescopes near California’s Mount Shasta are active, trying to pick …Read More

It had been a miserable day at work. A story as old as time; you know, the kind of day we’ve all experience, the one punctuated by the proverbial irritable manager in dire need of fiber. I make it a …Read More

Sometimes, I look back on the survival of my personal faith within the crucible of a liberal arts college education as nothing less than a miracle. Like many preachers kids, I came out of a sheltered, fundamentalist Christian (and Pentecostal …Read More

The good folks at are working hard to complete design and functionality of this blog of mine. Hopefully, the comment portal for my posts will soon be up, as well as an RSS/subscription button. ALso, some nifty graphics. Be …Read More