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Republican Party insiders have basically been telling anyone who will listen that in 2012, Democratic President Obama will become an one-termer. The consensus is that after three years of failed economic policy, continued high unemployment and foreign and domestic policy …Read More

Remember the brouhaha over whether President Obama was a secret Muslim in “born again” Christian clothing? You know . . . usually that allegation was made with the same vitriol that punctuated the whole “Birther” madness (i.e., he wasn’t really born …Read More

Nearly 2,200 years ago, members of such Jewish sects as the Essenes secreted nearly 1,000 biblical and related Jewish texts and records in caves along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. As preservation goes, their instincts were pretty good. …Read More

Unless you live under a rock you must have at least heard a passing mention of this: It’s Ramadan. As a Christian, I do not observe it – but I have an amazed, perhaps even a little envious bit of …Read More

When historians someday summarize the “Arab Spring” protests, be sure that the Facebook social networking site will get prominent mention. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, this hard-to-censor, impossible to stop digital electronic grapevine has been critical to liberty-seeking …Read More