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I was puzzling over the mysteries of Creation vs. Natural Selection, Old Earth vs. Young Earth, and the perceived dividing lines between faith and science and the Origin of All Things the other day when I had an epiphany . …Read More

In the several churches that my father the preacher pastored, I learned the cure for prejudice the hard way – and as it turned out, that was perhaps the best way. When I was 15, I became enamored of a …Read More

First, I’m sorry for blogging again about Harold Camping’s prophetic losing streak. I will try, very hard, not to do so again. For a while. But really, when it comes to self-proclaimed prophets, religious broadcaster Harold Camping may just be …Read More

Actor Jim Caviezel is one of my favorite actors, a short list that includes, for varying reasons, Tom Selleck, Russell Crowe and Mark Harman. Selleck I admire for his dead-on portrayal of male leads from Louis L’Amour’s cowboys to private …Read More

There was a time, many years ago now, when I used to watch Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” and think it was a pretty good program. It had inspiring stories of faith, outreach and emergency aid programs. It was an example …Read More

Michele Bachmann. Oh, man, how it hurts to be put a spot of defending her. To wit, her comment — obviously tongue-in-cheek as much as it was ill-advised and shoot-from-the-crazy-hip — linking the East Coast’s recent earthquake and Hurricane Irene …Read More

Go to church? You may not only be going to be filled with the Spirit, but end up packing on the pounds as well. Ever since Northwestern University’s study earlier this year found that church-goers were 50 percent more likely …Read More

It looks like the Crystal Cathedral, that long-lived architectural landmark of Southern California – and the iconic sanctuary of Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s feel-good, “positive gospel” – is about to shatter, at least metaphorically. Oh, the opulent, nearly-6,000 capacity, 128-foot-high …Read More