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Life is a journey. Everyday you wake up you are filled with choices. Each choice you make has a direct affect on what you will experience from moment to moment and all throughout your life.  Some people choose to be …Read More

Feature Video The Beatles did plenty of spiritual seeking through their music. A solo George Harrison wrote and recorded “My Sweet Lord” in 1970 and continued the tradition. Regardless of religious beliefs, we’re all blessed to share in the musical …Read More

Man and guitar – making music for the faithful, the seeker, and the sinner. John Mark McMillan, is a talented Christian artist who plucks and plays his way to deeper spiritual connections in “Daylight.” Daylight Lyrics – John Mark McMillan …Read More

Feature Video Yes, this is one more version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. But you ain’t heard nothing until you hear Hallelujah sung in the Holy language. Shalev Menashe, is a young Israeli boy who sings Hallelujah in his native Hebrew. …Read More

Feature Video Good music performed by a rock band is made better when they’re singing and playing about God. The David Crowder Band honors the Lord in “Let Me Feel You Shine.” It’s a praise song about coming back around …Read More

Best Religious Music In this live performance recording, we hear the legendary Whitney Houston going back to her roots with the gospel song “I Love the Lord.” Whitney doesn’t miss a note. The world is listening to Whitney with new …Read More

Best Religious Music We found a studio recording of “Our God’s Alive” by Andy Cherry. It’s a perfect bookend to the slick stadium version from Andy’s album of the same name. “Our God’s Alive” has some heavy lyrics, even for …Read More

Best Religious Music It’s rare to be moved by a song that most of us can not personally relate to. “Held” is an exception. While other Christian artists croon about love and faith, Natalie Grant takes a chance on a …Read More

Best Religious Music Christian music takes on many forms. African American Spiritual is one style of Christian music that holds up to today’s music standards. “Oh Happy Day” is the quintessential African American spiritual. Sung throughout the ages, “Oh Happy …Read More