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Life is a journey. Everyday you wake up you are filled with choices. Each choice you make has a direct affect on what you will experience from moment to moment and all throughout your life.  Some people choose to be […]

Daily Prayer I ask of You this simple thing: To make my friend whole again. Sickness is but a wrong turn taken, but You in your wisdom can lead her back to wholeness. Awaken within her with Your touch sublime. […]

I know You’re there, but where? Worries are poking at me, sharp-clawed: my job, my family, my life. I can’t feel You today, and I am afraid. Where are You? Please make Yourself present— clear and tangible— let me feel […]

I am willing to soften my heart to receive love I welcome the beauty around me and open my eyes to receive it I embrace my gifts of creativity and express them joyfully I walk in faith knowing that I […]

It’s not that I don’t believe in You. I just don’t believe in me. You are all, and I am nothing, so how can I get from here to there? The span between is endless, and if I fall, an […]

Daily Prayer I look to You when I am scared. I am scared now. I ask for Your peace to cradle my soul to enfold me within Your warmth, understanding and grace. I ask for Your strength to filter within […]

Daily Prayer I need You I weep for You I reach out for You I feel You I think of You I worship You Guide me to be a better person today than yesterday Let the joy of worship manifest […]

Daily Prayer My son told me today he’s not sure he believes in You. The jury is still out on that one, he said. At eleven, he’s figured it out and knows all the answers. Please help me hold my […]

Daily Prayer As I get ready to make love, guide me to be a giver and getter of gifts. Sometimes receiving pleasure is beyond reach for me. But not tonight. This time it will be about us, not my shopping […]

Daily Prayer Patients! So odd, the sound of it. So reminiscent of the very forbearance I require. Please help me to retain my calm, despite all demands. Let kindness flow freely from my soul. And please, let me minister with […]