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Daily Prayer Down here where only the lantern-fish swim, too deep for sun to penetrate, I see a glint. It is You, reaching for me through the churning seas, a hand to pull me back to the surface and into …Read More

Daily Prayer By divine selection we are born to our parents. You have allowed me to be a recipient of my parents extraordinary love. You, have weaved the fabric of their character and values into my DNA. You have made …Read More

Daily Prayer I pray when I am fearful. I pray when I am in need. I sing praise to You. I lift up my hands, my heart, my soul. Please take me beyond myself and help me recognize the prayers …Read More

Daily Prayer I search for your face wherever I go. What do you look like? Surely, when our eyes meet there will be this instant spark of recognition, allowing our destinies to collide. Almost everyone I know has found their …Read More

Let me love You with everything. Let my intellect adore You, my body understand You, my heart envelop You. Teach me to open entirely, that I may learn to reach for You with more than my words, for I am …Read More

Daily Prayer There are words for what I am… words that describe someone who shatters connections with her anger, injuring strangers and loved ones alike, as she indulges her selfishness time and again. There are words for what I am. …Read More

Daily Prayer Just when I thought You’d forgotten all about me, You show up out of the blue. A message, a flower, a guide. Something speaks to me and it says You. I bet You’ve been there all along, and …Read More

Daily Prayer I grew up with prayer as a quiet quick few seconds before bed, but that’s no longer enough. Adoration, praise, supplication, and pleas for intervention. They may not have been part of my past, but maybe they will …Read More

Daily Prayer You are the center of everything. You exist, I know. You’re there to keep me dreaming. You ask me to keep trusting in an infinite plan that will surely bring peace. So amid my sadness, among this doubt, …Read More

Daily Prayer Call it kismet or divine intervention I am where I need to be. Let me never forget that I did not wander here unplanned by chance. You led me to this place. I am on stage awaiting my …Read More