Multifaith Prayers Archives

I look in the mirror and see a jumble of flaws. Please, help me see myself as You see me: Perfect. Whole. Capable. Help me to view my defects as potential, my awkwardness as a different beauty. Prevent me from …Read More

As You’ve blessed me, help me be a blessing to others. Show me what I can bring to the table so someone else can have a better quality of life. Help me to share what I have, even if it’s …Read More

There are eight million stories in the naked city, all of them overlapping. Help us find a way to take our homes with us, to carry them inside us so that we’re never lost. Create a mobile sacred space for …Read More

Daily Prayer Here’s my soul’s Status Update: I know the power of words. I’ve been wounded by an off-hand comment. I’ve been uplifted by unexpected praise. A bad attitude can be catching. From the sniffles of sarcasm to the contagion …Read More

Daily Prayer It’s everywhere. Sitting on the bus or driving in the car. Waiting at the deli counter, number 56 in hand. Who knew 3 pounds of lean corned beef could get me closer to the promised land? Trapped inside …Read More

Daily Prayer There’s a lesson in here somewhere. It’s in everything I do, but camouflaged as it may be, I hunt for clues along the way. Through waiting, I learn patience and the meaning of divine timing. Through loss, I …Read More

I feel as though I am at everyone’s beck and call. I am surrounded by a chorus of needs and I cannot hear myself anymore. I cannot hear You. I want to give to my family, to my friends, to …Read More

Daily Prayer Trying not to see it as some great mystery or some kind of cosmic test, but just give me some idea. Okay, a sign. Are we not meant to have children? We’re a loving couple, completely attuned to …Read More

Daily Prayer Tonight, I am full of uncertainties: rushing water, rocks and loosened stones. Above me, stars reach connecting pieces of my scattered life, forming constellations of doubt. But when all is quiet, I hear the creek pulsing outside my …Read More

Daily Prayer Only You can say what I need. I think I know:  this job, that house, this person that I say I love. But only You can say what I need. I do know what I want: to trust …Read More