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Daily Video We’re sure that no one, especially Adam Sandler himself expected the Hannukah Song to be the mega hit that doesn’t quit. The reason for its success could be the fact that Hannukah songs are poorly represented. “I Have …Read More

Daily Video 23rd Psalm – Jeff Majors and Don Jones performing at Coretta Scott King’s Funeral With sadness and loss, comes beauty. Jeff Majors and Don Jones set the 23rd Psalm to music at the funeral of Coretta Scott King. …Read More

Daily Music Video Enjoy the Airplane song about flying by the Indigo Girls. We sure do! The lyrics are a beautiful blend of spirituality and reality, thoughts that most of can relate to. Airplane – Indigo Girls Nearer My God …Read More

Daily Video – Adam Sandler Sings the Thanksgiving or Turkey Song Listening to Adam Sandler sing his silly songs at holiday time is a tradition that’s sure to put a smile on your face. The Thanksgiving Song (sometimes known as …Read More

Longing for the holy land is at the heart of this song: My Heart is in the East, by Jewish musician Dan Nichols. People of different faiths flock to Jerusalem. We hear the passion of one man who reveres all …Read More