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Written By Susan Diamond, Publisher of Prayables, an online spiritual community for people of all faiths. Is There a Future for Religion? If I hear one more self-righteous matron bitch and moan about the religious morals of young people today, …Read More

I am really lucky to have a wonderful family and a terrific set of friends from all walks of life. American, European, Asian, Hispanic, African American, Jewish, Christian, non-believers, young and older, and the list goes on… One thing they …Read More

Grammas, what are your first memories of your grandchildren? If you’re like me, you can’t remember where you left your to-do list, but you can recollect treasured moments in a snap. I remember when I met my first-born grandson, Ben. …Read More

Grammas, how many people are in your family? Is it large or small? I have a blended family. There are a total of 15 grandchildren, seven parents, two grandmothers, one grandfather and a total of nine marriages not to include …Read More

What a GOOD day! This is my very first blog for Beliefnet and grammas! My faith has kept me strong throughout my life, as a matriarch of my blended family. I started to connect grandmothers together, where we can …Read More

Sign the Petition Recently four women were detained at a holy site; the Western Wall, each for wearing a prayer shawl. The authorities say they were disturbing the public peace according to regulation 201 A4 of the Israeli legal code. …Read More

“Help me to see the divine wisdom buried in my memories.” Once, in second grade, a friend and I were horsing around on a set of parallel bars in the school yard. I did one of those maneuvers where you …Read More

Feature Video God is in nature and nature is in the prayer. Flowers and pollinators come to life by artist Louie Schwartzberg. He does what he calls Moving Art. Schwartzberg uses time lapse photography to capture the incredible beauty of …Read More

10 of 10 ← BACK  Santa vs God Mashup Santa says HO, HO, HO. God says “I’m HERE, HERE, HERE.” START AGAIN → Better Than Santa

9 of 10 ← BACK • NEXT → Santa vs God Mashup Santa knows who is naughty and nice and distributes his gifts accordingly. God gives no conditions to the gifts he shares. CONTINUE → God is Here