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Thank You for this wild, unfettered day! This day may not be all play: I still have chores to complete, responsibilities to honor— but the day is mine. The schedule is in my hands. Today, I choose my moments. Thank …Read More

Daily Quotable “God did not intend for life to be a do-it yourself project.” -Prayables READ MORE and enjoy these features from the Daily Prayable! → Daily Story → Daily Scripture → Daily Prayer → Daily Video → Daily Chuckle

At times, I feel I’m the engineer on this train, and some days, just cargo. All I need to know is that I’m on the right track. Before I even began this journey, You’d mapped out the route. Each time …Read More

You don’t need to be fixed; you just need to be free. Let me repeat that…you don’t need to be fixed you just need to be free. You must not and will not let anyone, anything, any thoughts confine, define …Read More