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There is a lot of discussion today about bullies and the sometimes deadly cost of bullying in the news. Some wonder if the there is an increase in bullying, or if we are just becoming more aware of the problem. …Read More

In any moment, you can always ask yourself, What is in the highest good? or What would be most loving and empowering? Despite your wounds and habits, you know what kindness is. Holding a door for someone whose hands are …Read More

I have a simple practice that has changed my life. Years ago a made a commitment that I would never get out of bed in the morning without being sure that when my feet hit the floor my attitude and …Read More

The message is old, the practice is timeless. The teaching is universal, and yet most of us still run from it today: take time to be in silence. In virtually every spiritual tradition and discipline, there is a common understanding …Read More