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You need to have fun–often! And you need to get out of your busy mind–often. Not only does it help to develop a playful attitude during daily activities, but you also need to schedule time to relax and be creative. …Read More

In the book Inspiration Deficit Disorder I discuss the important of understanding five core dimensions of “self”  that are involved in human growth and healing. The more you have awareness of these aspects of who you are, the more agile and …Read More

I guess I never really understood the word “lust.” It probably had something to do with watching too much television growing up, or maybe it was the fantasies of fictional literature that threw me off. Then again, the use of …Read More

Over the years of working to help people reduce stress and imbalance in daily life, I have come to see very clearly that time is one of the most common factors. Too often people place their attention on stress “management” …Read More