On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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Your gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others. “But who are my others?” you ask. “I’ve tried giving my gift. No one wants it.” Perhaps your gift is mediating conflict. Your insight into human personalities and …Read More

In old age, I don’t want to review my life and wish I’d done more with the talent given me. I don’t want to wonder what held me back. Should I have found better teachers? Practiced more? Knocked on more …Read More

Cook up your grandmother’s meatloaf recipe. The dirty laundry molding in the closet? Wash it. Two years ago a couple moved in next door. Go introduce yourself. Join the YMCA and sign up for classes. Scrape the mold off the …Read More

Steven Pressfield writes about watching a famous trainer work with his thoroughbreds. To Steven’s surprise, the trainer takes great pains to make the training sessions “fun” for the horses. The trainer explained: Horses understand the whip but I don’t want …Read More

In a funk, I picked up O Magazine. Inside Oprah interviewed Dr. Brené Brown, Houston sociologist famous for her research on shame and vulnerability. I had viewed her TED talks. Even read Dr. Brown’s latest book, Daring Greatly. I knew …Read More

Every person has been created by God with a Gift to give for the bettering of mankind. This message—along with writing and teaching—is my Gift. This morning, upon waking, I pull my laptop onto the bed and open it to …Read More

I lost my reasons to live in midlife. My husband walked out. Our teenagers left home. My home and possessions disappeared. Friends slithered away. I was so blindsided by hurt and chaos, I could barely work.  But over time things …Read More

I made an illegal U-turn. Shortly thereafter a cop pulled up behind me and turned on his flashing lights. “I saw what I did as I was doing it,” I told him, owning up to my error before he accused …Read More

Every creative journey begins with a problem…Before we can find the answer—before we probably even know the question—we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced that a solution is beyond our reach…Before Bob Dylan could reinvent himself, writing the best music …Read More

You’ve tried and tried. Rattled doors. Researched, strategized and planned. Pushed forward. Worked. Hoped and prayed. But nothing seems to get traction. Your dream is going nowhere. You feel empty and alone. Broken-hearted. Here’s what to do: for today (and …Read More