On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

Your Gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others.

 We usually think of a person’s Gift as something they are very talented in, such as, playing the piano, painting, dancing, financial wizardry, designing homes, deep sea diving, public speaking, etc.

But it’s more than that. Your Gift is your talent along with your unique insight into a need people have—a problem to be solved, a wound to be healed or something needing to be fixed. You see the need and how it can be met because God has shaped you for this. This is your calling—your purpose—your Gift.

The cool thing is that the more you grow toward God and into your true, authentic self, the more you fulfill your calling. You may be giving your Gift whether you think about it or not. You can’t help it—it’s who you are.

However, you can also be intentional about giving your Gift:

  • Get clearer on your calling,
  • Increase your understanding of the need, and
  • Develop your talents to meet it.

You can also

  • Ask God to guide you,
  • Take God-led risks to move ahead, and
  • See real change / miraculous results.

By doing so, you will set your life—and that of others—on fire.

– – – – –

photo credit: chatirygirl (creative commons)