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by Evelyn Cash I really don’t watch much TV anymore.  When I want to catch up on the shows I’m interested in, I turn to Hulu.  A few weeks ago, began noticing ads on Hulu for a website called “Kiva” […]

Glamour magazine showed a plus-size model with a belly! Stop the presses! Photo!(Click on the link to see it, because Glamour owns the photo.) This seems like an incredibly lightweight (ahem) topic for a Buddhist blog post, but returning from […]

A big ole group of high New Jersey officials, including Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano were arrested this morning, for charges including corruption and money laundering.

In light of the ongoing Freedom From Religion Foundationcase, I found this news item interesting. Linda Moulin | 15.07.2009 | 16:55 Tribune de Geneve   In advance of their annual Leading Figure award to areligious figure who has done the […]

Last week I saw a young woman get attacked on the street, in what I always thought of as a really safe neighborhood, in broad daylight. As she walked past a supermarket, a man rushed at her and grabbed her […]

I take delight in the endless multiplicity of form. I especially delight in my iPhone. And when I bought my new 3GS at 9am Friday morning, after the briefest of waits at a local store, I was delighted. I did […]

So the confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor are set for July 13. Let the projections begin! There are lots of projections out there, but the most mystifying yet illuminating may well be this one, sent to me for this week’s […]