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by Greg Zwahlen In our What are the Suttas? study course last Saturday at the IDP New York City center, we had a look at a translation from Pali of the Satipatthana Sutta, and a session of meditation practice based on the instructions …Read More

posted by Ethan Nichtern I am pretty darn psyched (no pun intended) to be co-teaching a four week series on Buddhism and Psychology at the Interdependence Project with my friend Dr. Miles Neale. If you are in the New York …Read More

by Evelyn Cash For the past two months, I’ve started my day in much thesame way nearly every day.  I wake up,wash up, then step into the spare bedroom in our apartment.  The room is primarily an office, full ofbooks, …Read More

posted by Ethan Nichtern This is one of my all-time favorites quotes, and we discussed it in the Meditation in Everyday Life course last week, part of the awesome Way of Shambhala curriculum. It always brings me back to Earth …Read More

by Greg Zwahlen I’ve always been fascinated by multiple personality disorder (or dissociative identity disorder, as it is now properly called). My fascination increased a couple of years ago when I read a rather lurid book called The Myth of …Read More

by Ellen Scordato Thanksgiving, a particularly American holiday, is coming up on Thursday. What are we giving thanks for? What am I grateful for? What are you grateful for? These kinds of questions get asked a lot around this time …Read More

By Evelyn Cash Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a step back and revisiting some of the very basic teachings of the Buddha.  I think it can be helpful from time to time to go back and reconsider …Read More

by Jerry Kolber, special to the Herald, author: Three Dollar Dinner Over the past few weeks I have been incredibly aware of co-incidents.  The power of coincidence seems to be playing a large role in my life and I am …Read More

by Greg Zwahlen  People study meditation and Buddhism for all sorts of reasons, with varying levels of interest. That said, it seems safe to say that the vast majority have modest aspirations for it, modest levels of interest in it, …Read More

by Ellen Scordato SO much to say about the Interdependence Project 24-hour meditation marathon in the windows of ABC Carpet & Home, a high-end home furnishings store in Manhattan, this weekend. My angle here: Was this anything more than a …Read More