One City

Hi all, I had to share this…my boy Dharma Mittra was on Regis and Kelly for a pose-off. Strange world we live in….but…go Dharma.

Finally!  I’ve been watching this kid’s videos all year….(he’s doing a dance a day…he’s up to 357)  and finally some Velvet Underground.   This guy is taking 365 portraits….I was 337.  I think I look tired and perplexed, but […]

Now that I know everyone’s top ten albums, what about books? If I was packing and could only bring ten books, I’d pick the following…wrapped in sheets of poems numerous as styrofoam peanuts, of course… (Rilke! Rumi! Sexton! Whitman! the Beats!) […]

Now that I’m working with elementary school girls, I’m immersed in current girl culture, where tamogochis have been replaced by Miss Bimbo and Barbie looks wholesome next to Bratz. For those out of middle school, Miss Bimbo is an online […]

  Sorry I have been MIA.  I have not been sitting down much, at a computer to write or a cushion to meditate.  What I have been doing is moving like a treadmill-girl, mostly on incline.  But this weekend I’ve […]

The class structure is very clearly stapled to the bulletin board, laminated in the school colors, orange and blue. “Tune In! Warm Up! Learn and Try! Relaxation!” They know their sun salutation, are getting the poses down. They know what […]

  Recently, one of my artist friends who became involved in meditation and Buddhism described her changing relationship to her art.  “I used to paint from the I, and now that my perception is changing, so is my art.”  She spoke […]

Piggy-backing off Eva’s post, here’s an interesting site of letters-never-sent…love and other: I also have 3 love/lust related pieces up on All Things Girl at the moment….let me know your thoughts! —–<—@ x 12 -Sarah

   “I said to my soul be still and let the darkness come upon me and know it is the Darkness of God.” -T. S. Eliot     There are many poets who are or were also meditators.  Ginsberg.  Stanley Kunitz.  […]

According to Forbes, New York City is the 4th most miserable city in the nation, after only: 1.  Detroit, Michigan 2.  Stockton, California 3.  Flint, Michigan  The miserable reasons include the average commute time, housing costs, income tax rates, crime statistics, […]