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Stillman Brown is a photographer, writer, and meditation practitioner living in Brooklyn, NY. He loves apple pie and retreats at Karme Choling. He blogs about his photo experiences at:

By Stillman Brown I’ve recently become a fan of NPR’s Planet Money podcast. Similar to it’s public radio brother-in-arms, This American Life, Planet Money is an informative, humorous look at economics issues that carries some intellectual weight. A recent show […]

By Stillman Brown This Monday was the last meeting of fall Heartcore Dharma class series. We met, meditated, and had a discussion, after which most of the class adjourned to the East Village for cheap (and somewhat flavorless) Indian food […]

By Stillman Brown I had a fight with a close friend last week, one of those wrenching, existential blowouts where you argue each other in to a kind of hysteria of extreme positions and begin asking yourself, “who is this […]

Volunteer (and One City blogger) Paul Griffin with the streets to himself at dawn By Stillman Brown For 24 hours last Friday and Saturday volunteers from the ID Project sat in the large display windows at ABC Carpet & Home […]

By Stillman Brown If you live in New York, take a stroll by ABC Home and Carpet at Broadway and 19th St. before tomorrow at 7PM to lend your support (or just say hi) to the ID Project’s Sit Down […]

By Stillman Brown This week’s Heartcore Dharma discussion at the I.D. Project ended with a short contemplative meditation and discussion led by Juan-Carlos on the Lojong slogan of the week: Always Maintain Only a Joyful Mind This particular slogan, and […]

Michelle Provenzano is a New York-based artist and I.D. Project regular who is often inspired to create drawings as part of her engagement with the Heartcore Dharma series. Here is a drawing inspired by Monday’s discussion on The Three Disciplines. 

The Balloon Boy story – a Colorado family released a UFO-like weather balloon and pretended their son was aboard to garner media attention – has gotten weirder and weirder since it’s inception as a relatively mundane Child In Crisis news […]

By Stillman Brown The first part of last night’s Heartcore Dharma class at the Interdependence Project was spent discussing dana, or the quality and practice of generosity. This got me thinking about one aspect of generosity with which I have shamefully […]

By Stillman Brown A quick Heartcore Dharma update: In case you missed it, last night Acharya Eric Spiegel rocked the Interdependence Project in New York with a guest lecture on the Bodhisattva vow. Be sure to check the ID Project […]