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Jon Rubinstein writes from a Buddhist perspective, about artists and the media's ability and responsibility to promote compassion, for his blog Adventures in Compassion (in the Screen Trade). He also runs Authentic Talent and Literary Management; his clients include Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar nominated actors and writers, who strive to be a positive impact on the world around them. Jon lives in Brooklyn with his wife and kids.

“The only true wisdom consists of knowing that you know nothing.”  – Alex Winter, as Bill S. Preston, Esq. in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure “That’s us, dude!”  – Keanu Reeves, as Ted “Theodore” Logan Whoa! Excellent!  I’ve had impermanence …Read More

Dharma is everywhere, if we look for it. This song seems to be about doing things we know are going to cause suffering to us and to others, with a ready excuse – blame it on the alcohol. Drink up! …Read More

There’s a tradition in Mali and Senegal called “joking cousins,” or cousinage. Certain ethnic groups are considered cousins of each other, and as cousins, they’re expected to make fun of one another. Here’s an example from an Utne Reader article …Read More

I was listening to Buddhist Geeks‘ podcast recently; Vince Horn interviewed Seattle Insight Meditation Society Guiding Teacher Rodney Smith and I was really struck by his attention to what he calls, “urban dharma,” the dharma found and practiced in everyday …Read More

Mom, Dad, (cough, sob). I have something to tell you. Share with you, really. I’ve felt terrible. I’ve been hiding something. Something big. Sneaking around. Being so… evasive. Lying, even. Dad, when you found that book in my bag, Hardcore …Read More

Look out, you rock and rollers. Pretty soon now, you’re gonna get older! I heard somewhere that Bowie did some time in a monastery before he wrote this song. Can’t say if that’s true but I’d like to believe it’s …Read More

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Throughout this week, while everyone’s minds were on the upcoming holiday and the four day weekend, I found myself slightly distracted, trying to figure how to address the next of the Six Paramitas and how it applies …Read More

How amazing is Stevie Wonder? Check out this performance from 1973. I like to imagine myself watching this at age 3, but chances are I was watching Sesame Street. So what in the heck does this have to do with …Read More

by Jon Rubinstein I’ve been writing elsewhere about the Charter for Compassion which launched on November 12. The Charter is the fulfillment of Karen Armstrong‘s 2008 Ted prize and comes from Armstrong’s observation that every religion, without exception, shares a …Read More

In a shocking twist, I’m not going to post the Guns ‘n Roses video here. The lyrics just don’t have that much to do with what we’re talking about. We’ve been discussing the Six Paramitas, as they’re called in the …Read More