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Jerry Kolber is grateful for the teachings of Buddhism and daily meditation practice.

This week I’m curating a guest post from Jonathan Mead, a friend who inspires by living life on his own terms and sharing what he can with others.  To quote from Jonathan’s own site, Illuminated Mind: “The reason for everything: …Read More

by Jerry KolberIt’s a shame that with such initial popular support for his health insurance reform President Obama is running into such difficulties making it possible for all American’s to be healthy.  While I tend to vote Democrat, I have …Read More

Scott Mitchell is a Shin Buddhist practicioner and scholar from Oakland, CA, with a Doctorate in Buddhist Studies. He’s the co-host of the podcast The Dharma Realm (with Rev. Harry Bridge) and also runs his own excellent Buddhist blog The …Read More

On a day when the Northeast is being soaked with rain and Google’s on fire with searches for the tiger woods latest update, I was thrilled to receive the latest update from my anonymous Facebook friend We Happy Now.  I …Read More

by Jerry Kolber. Follow Jerry on Twitter. Ethan mentioned Heifer International here on the blog a few days ago and I’ve been reading more about this fantastic organization. I wanted to offer a little more insight as to why Heifer …Read More

by Jerry Kolber, IDP, follow me on Twitter . For more about the IDP check out The Intderdependence Project website As talk turns to turkey, pilgrims, stuffing, and Black Friday, I offer you the best and most accurate children’s Thanksgivingpresentation …Read More

by Jerry Kolber, special to the Herald, author: Three Dollar Dinner Over the past few weeks I have been incredibly aware of co-incidents.  The power of coincidence seems to be playing a large role in my life and I am …Read More

by Jerry Kolber Jerry is a writer and producer of film and TV based in NYC. His site about how to cook cheap delicious organic meals is at’s hard to believe in Judaism and also believe in Christianity, but …Read More

by Jerry Kolber This week finds Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson suspended for anti-gay Twitter slurs against a coach. Of course, he is free to say whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Twitter may find that he …Read More

by Jerry Kolber. Jerry is a media obsessed Buddhist televison producer in New York City. follow him at – or on Twitteleh. Before we get to Twitteleh, some thoughts about reality television.  When I heard about balloon boy flying …Read More