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Ellen Scordato’s multi functions include being 1) chairperson of the board of the Interdependence Project; 2) the co-owner of The Stonesong Press, LLC [], a book producer of high-quality nonfiction bestsellers for the popular market; 3) a part-time faculty member of the English Language Studies department at the New School; and 4) long ago, the published author of four young adult nonfiction biographies. A graduate of Wellesley College,where she studied Classics and art history, she lives in Manhattan with her husband and cats.

by Ellen Scordato At least, that’s what this article in the American Thinker proposes. In “Tiger, the Buddha, and Me,” writer Robin of Berkeley sets out to prove “Why the Buddha was more Mark Levin than Saul Alinsky.” She asks, “So …Read More

by Ellen Scordato What makes us happy? Nicolas Kristof recently wrote a thought-provoking piece in the New York Times on what makes us happy: “Our Basic Human Pleasures: Food, Sex and Giving.” Since we are reading and writing a buddhist …Read More

by Damaris Williams A little over a month ago on November 6, I and many members of the IDP community sat down for the Sit Down Rise Up 24 Hour Meditation Marathon in the window of ABC Carpet and Home. …Read More

by Ellen Scordato On a recent visit to San Francisco, I visited the Japanese Tea Garden and ran into this wonderful bronze buddha statue. photo courtesy mark rifkin/ There really was something that struck me about this statue at that …Read More

by Ellen Scordato Thanksgiving, a particularly American holiday, is coming up on Thursday. What are we giving thanks for? What am I grateful for? What are you grateful for? These kinds of questions get asked a lot around this time …Read More

by Ellen Scordato SO much to say about the Interdependence Project 24-hour meditation marathon in the windows of ABC Carpet & Home, a high-end home furnishings store in Manhattan, this weekend. My angle here: Was this anything more than a …Read More

Closely following on Greg Zwahlen’s excellent post, “Why I am not a Tibetan Buddhist ” with its thoughtful look at the panorama of Buddhist traditions available to practitioners in the USA today comes Meditate NYC, an opportunity to sample the …Read More

by Ellen Scordato This past weekend I clicked thru on a link in a tweet from a buddhist poster, and discovered what led to several articles about the sad deaths of two people at the Spiritual Warrior in Sedona, Arizona, …Read More

by Ellen Scordato Pop culture thermometer: Cold. Deathly cold. Cold and dead is hot. Zombieland was the top-grossing movie this past weekend. . Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was one of the near-moribund book publishing industry’s few runaway success stories last …Read More

Nonviolent followers of Vietnamese Zen teacher and world-renowned author Thich Nhat Hahn were violently ejected from the Bat Nha monastery in Lam Dong province in Vietnam on Sunday. The monks’ ejection followed months of tension. (photo AFP)