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Davee Evans is a Shambhala practitioner just returned to San Francisco from Portland. He’s a software and usability engineer, mostly for startups in Silicon Valley. He graduated from MIT with a degree in mathematics, where he also tried out his first weekend meditation retreat. Lately he’s particularly interested in Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist terminology.

There were many more good sessions at the Wisdom 2.0 conference this weekend. The intention of the organizers is to post videos. I’ll let you know when. Here are some of my notes from a second panel. How do we …Read More

If a zen master were sitting next to the chief technical officer of Twitter, what would they talk about? That sounds like a hypothetical overheared at a bar in San Francisco. But this weekend I saw the very thing at …Read More

by Davee Evans The Kaiser Family Foundation found a huge increase in TV, music, phone, computer, and video game usage among 8-18 year olds compared to just five years ago. Their study was published this month. Also increased is the …Read More

by Davee Evans It is time to contemplate the uncertainty of my death. That’s a specific project of mine for 2010: to imagine that this is the last year of my life. In doing that, I’m planning a series of …Read More

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by Davee Evans Toooo many holiday gatherings: Thanksgiving to the New Year is a non-stop eating marathon and I’m the one getting stuffed. Perhaps the short days and imposing, cold air inspires richness. Prolific holiday music isn’t cutting the gloom …Read More

by Davee Evans When I saw this clock created by artist Bertrand Planes, I thought every Buddhist household needs one. I’d put mine right by the door, so I couldn’t miss it as I left for work each morning. It’s …Read More

from Davee Evans The recent shift in medical marijuana policy reminded me of the infrequent and yet ongoing conversation about Buddhism and drugs. I recently read a paper published at Erowid, titled Psychoactive Plants in Tantric Buddhism, specifically discussing cannabis …Read More

by Davee Evans How about a year off? NY designer Stefan Sagmeister does this every seven years. He shuts his design firm, and heads off to work on personal projects for creative renewal. Watch his views on taking time off …Read More

from Davee Evans Sex is in the news again, surprise surprise. I’m hearing nightly about David Letterman‘s confession of romantic affairs, and recently rehashing Frederic Mitterrand‘s prior sexual purchases as well. The latter, according to the AP, stemming from his …Read More